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Advice on all types of commercial transactions and operations.

Negotiation and drafting of all domestic and international contracts related to the ordinary and extraordinary activities of the business, such as distribution, supply, agency, commission, franchise, construction, industry, logistic, transport, manufacturing, collaboration and partnership agreements.

New technologies.

Advice on the legal compliance of electronic procurement.

Advice on fulfilling the requirements of the sectoral legislation on electronic commerce and the information society.

Design of the legal structure of the means employed for the use and provision of services by electronic means. Advice on and drawing up of e-commerce-related contracts.

Real estate.

Purchase, sale, exchange and lease agreements.

Contracts with construction agents (construction, site management, project management, contract warranties).

Contracts related to real rights (use, enjoyment, easement, surface, etc.) and possessory or real collateral over properties.

Preliminary contracts for real estate transfer operations (deposits, purchase options, purchase and sale commitments, participation loans, etc.).

Establishment, alteration and cancellation of real rights over real estate.

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